Teichos Energy is actively working with land and real-estate owners to develop clean, sustainable, and eco-friendly energy projects.

If you own a minimum of 100 acres and are looking for a profitable alternative use, we may be able to offer you

  • Land lease payments that provide long-term income to property owners.
  • A reliable, consistent and increasing revenue stream that keeps productive land in the family and supports estate planning objectives.
  • A passive alternative to active farming.
  • Energy projects that strengthen the communities they are located in by providing economic benefits through jobs, tax revenue, and attracting industry.
  • Grid infrastructure stability

If you are interested contact us.

If you have property that is 100+ acres and would like to know if it can be utilized for a solar project contact us through the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We are looking for land with a minimum of 100 contiguous acres.
  • During the years Teichos is performing inspection and development tasks the land areas are free to be used as the landowner intends.
  • When construction ensues and during the operation term the facility cannot be obstructed by other land uses.
  • A solar power generator adds diversity and infrastructure resiliency to the region which retains and attracts corporate and industrial employers.
  • During development and construction Teichos contracts local and regional professionals who are familiar with the area.
  • Construction jobs can last several months depending on size and scale of the project.
  • Long term jobs are associated with facility maintenance